Three posts in two days, I am on fire (or just feeling guilty not to write more / more regularly). Please excuse me for the typos, wrting on a mobile phone on a bus is not the best way to be accurate.
I just went through a difficult time learning Chinese. I must hace made some progress but hit the wall and lost faith. Vocabulary wasn’t helping me. Answering the phone is a challenge. Saying more than hello to people in my company is impossible. In short, after three months, I suck.

Strangely enough, I am kind of better at writting. Writting un Chinese is iften seen as difficult task at best. For me it is a challenge. A positive one. I havr always been more confident among writting than people and herre there is so much to read. Every sign is an adventure, a hill waiting to be climbed.

So I quickly registered a QQ account. For thise who are not familiar with it, let’s just say it like MSN Live Messenger. Just bigger. And omnipresent. People use it partly like Twitter, with friends, at work, for work (product quotation built all over QQ) …
It also the advantage that i can use tranlation tools like Google Translate, Baidu Fanyi or Nciku whilr chatting and it us a huge plus.

And sometime you meet people. Who can’t speak english. People you definitely want to discuss with. oOK