So sorry for the broken post. I will BURN this "phone" and its lousy cursor positionning system.

For those who were asking, I met a girl. And she meets the above description and the rest is my problem ^_^

So I now have no choice but to get better. Especially when a chat around a drink is coming into the cinversation…

I may also have written about this but living in Taishan is a chance for me to learn. Two recwnt examples have thrown this to me.

First, a very good friend if mine just moved to Japan, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Full of good intent, she brushed up her Japanese before her departure, dealt with the first days then started to live. And realized she could live speaking English without too many problems. And stopped learning.

Then, during the past days in Beijing, I heard people speaking French, almost as much in two days than in the whole three last months. I saw foreigners proud to meet only foreigners.

This can’t happen in Taishan. I have to fit in. First for respect, then because I want to. Now back to textbooks…