Just sitting in the airport right now writting this while waiting for a flight due in two hours, delay not included…

Two days in Biejing. Some spend this long during a trip in China and find themselve happy to know the city but for me, it was too short. But it may be an excuse to come back.

First, because I worked on the first day. And work, wherever it takes place, is the same. I sat in a Starbuck, very similar to one in Paris/Tokyo/Wherever and that was all.
Yesterday was a day off, so I could really visit and try to feel the city. As most tourists, I went to Tiananmen and the forbidden city. Everyone warned me I was only about to see people but going there at 08:30, I had whole part of the Forbidden City for myself. The freewing cold my be another reason why people stayed at home (even found a small patch of snow).
I found the Forbidden City monstruously huge but near empty. It lacks contents except big walls and colourful paintings. I was told many of the objects were taken to Taiwan around 1949. Maybe I will have to go there sometime to see that too.
3 hours later, I was out by the north door and wondering where to go. The Summer Palace was on possibility, the Bird Nest, the other.
I did none of these.
Instead I walked to Wangfujing, a pedestrian street not too far from the forbidden city. I had some shopping to do (finding a dictionnary with pinyin, you wouldn’t imagine how hard it was. Needed 2 bookstore and 2 hours to find it). As a tourist two things are intersting in this street. First the Beijing Handcraft center, where, if your purse can handle it, you can find many souvenirs. The second is the Dajian Shuijing Hutong where you can find other (manufactured) souvenirs but mostly food. If you have seen picture of silk worm or scorpio brochettes, some may have been taken here. Hopefully, there are many other food to be tested.

So actually, I didn’t visit much. But maybe some other time, with some better ideas of what to see and where to go

Final note: I may soon migrate the blog to another platform. WordPress is blocked in China and publishing everything by mail does not offer half the possibility of a true blogging platform. Stay tune, more news at the beginning of next year